brain-bookPatient stories help explain complex information through the experiences of real people. They also provide hope and optimism for those suffering from frightening brain health issues — optimism and positivity are important to improving brain health. These stories do not represent quick fixes or gimmicks, but rather years of exhaustive research, trial and error, and the patient’s own willingness to do the work. For more patient stories, go to the menu at top of page.


Brain Disorders in Children

Kevin was a 12-year old boy who had been having difficulty in school for most of his young life. He was also very uncoordinated and not good at sports and spent most of his time playing video games. His father privately told me Kevin could not kick a soccer ball if his life depended on it and he was always fidgeting and making snorting noises. He also suffered from chronic allergies, asthma, and bouts of depression and had been prescribed an asthma inhaler and antihistamines by his doctor. Kevin’s father was worried his son would no do well in academically or socially in high school. Although he didn’t say it, I detected that despite loving his son very much, Kevin’s father was also embarrassed by him… Read More

Brain autoimmunity can be devastating but is often manageable

Kate, 62, began having almost weekly six-hour episodes of dizziness and uncontrollable vomiting when she was 50 years old. She went to various doctors and nobody knew what was causing the episodes. Out of desperation her physicians put her on steroids and antibiotics, but they did not help. She stopped going out or driving for fear of the episodes, becoming a prisoner in her own home. Her entire life and future changed.

After four years of suffering, Kate was finally diagnosed with a condition called Meniere’s disease. It is a deteriorating disease of the inner ear that leads to hearing loss, dizziness, and ringing in the ear. She was forced to take an anti-anxiety medication daily to calm the dizziness… Read More

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