Why isn’t my brain working? The brain book overview of the many factors that impact brain health.

Chapter One

Brain Basics 101. Basics of brain anatomy and function.

Chapter Two

Brain Plasticity and Hope. Use it or lose it to preserve brain function.

Chapter Three

The Failing Brain. Understanding brain degeneration, a common problem today.

Chapter Four

The Needs of the Neuron. Learn what your neurons need to preserve brain function.

Chapter Five

Blood Sugar Imbalances. Blood sugar imbalances and high-carb diets powerfully impact the brain.

Chapter Six

Stress and the Brain. Mental, metabolic, and physical stress are powerful enemies of brain health.

Chapter Seven

Brain Circulation and Oxygen. Common factors that deprive your brain of oxygen.

Chapter Eight

Gluten Sensitivity and Beyond. Gluten affects the brain and nervous system more than any other tissue.

Chapter Nine

The Gut-Brain Axis. Gut health affects brain health and vice versa.

Chapter Ten

Brain Inflammation. Signs and symptoms of a brain on fire and what to do.

Chapter Eleven

What is Neurological Autoimmunity? When the immune system attacks the brain and the many disorders it causes.

Chapter Twelve

Introduction to Neurotransmitters. The brain chemicals that keep the brain balanced and functioning.

Chapter Thirteen

Acetylcholine. The learning and memory neurotransmitter and why your brain needs fat.[/one_half]

Chapter Fourteen

Serotonin. The happiness and well-being neurotransmitter that helps prevent depression.

Chapter Fifteen

GABA. The calm and relaxed neurotransmitter that prevents anxiety and worry.

Chapter Sixteen

Dopamine. The pleasure and reward neurotransmitter that boosts motivation and prevents addiction.

Chapter Seventeen

The Hormone-Brain Connection. How PMS, menopause, and male menopause affect brain health.

Chapter Eighteen

Alternative Therapies, Brain Stimulation, and Brain Function. Why you will get more out of your treatments when your brain is healthy.

Chapter Nineteen

Essential Fatty Acids. Your brain is mostly fat and the fats in your diet affect brain function.

Chapter Twenty

Toxins and the Brain. Chemical sensitivities and how everyday chemicals impact brain health in young and old.

Chapter Twenty One

The Brain Health Reference Guide. An overview of the concepts in the book.

Chapter Reference

More than 1,000 peer-reviewed references, organized by chapter.


Why Isn’t My Brain Working?

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