Tired of nothing working when it comes to weight loss?

I have been invited to join a team of 30 experts to speak about the true reasons behind weight gain and weight loss resistance, as part of The Total Fat Loss Solution online summit.

The old guidelines of eat less, exercise more, and eat a low-fat diet are outdated and failing millions of Americans. New research sheds light on the reasons why weight loss still eludes so many.

For those struggling with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, weight gain and weight loss resistance are especially challenging…but this doesn’t mean weight loss is impossible. If you’re doing everything right but the excess fat won’t go, it’s just a sign you’re still struggling with health imbalances that need attention. It could be chronic inflammation, unmanaged autoimmunity, a leaky and inflamed gut, a gut bacteria imbalance, a hormone imbalance, poor adrenal function, over exercising, or some other underlying factor. Stop beating yourself up and join me and the other experts to learn what’s at the root of your weight loss resistance.

My friend and health coach, Katherine Watkins, has brought together top doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and emotional eating experts for this one-time special event.

I am inviting you to discover the strategies these experts use with their private clients to help identify why you are not losing weight, and to give you the tools you need to lose those extra pounds forever.You can join us free today.

The Total Fat Loss Solution starts April 28, 2014. This virtual event includes:

  • Myself, discussing how problems with the immune system can cause weight gain;
  • John Romaniello, Nia Shanks and Vince del Monte, fitness experts will give their best tips on how to exercise less and eat more to turn your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine;
  • Daine McDonald will reveal the secret methods to achieve the body of a bikini model;
  • Dr. Jade Teta from Metabolic Effect will discuss how restrictive dieting and over-exercise can cause metabolic damage, and show you how to reset your metabolism once and for all;
  • Ameer Rosic will talk about how sleep is often the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to fat loss and shares the strategies he uses with his private clients to maximize fat burning while you sleep;
  • Steve Wright from SCD Lifestyle will discuss how digestive dysfunction and hidden food intolerances may be blocking your fat loss efforts;
  • Melissa McCreery and Kat Lotzero will discuss how to overcome the challenges of emotional and binge eating disorders;
  • Mira and Jayson Calton will help you discover the nutrient-dense foods, herbs, and natural supplements that will help your body achieve its full fat-burning potential.

You can learn more at The Total Fat Loss Solution.

I hope you’ll join us — Click here to register today.



  • D September 20, 2014 at 1:23 am

    Hi Doctor,
    I am currently seeing am MD who is naturalpathic. He has tested for: inflammation,(measure 4) blood tests for iron (measure low normal), and thyroid, but not for antibodies. He put me on 1.5 grains of Armour Thyroid. He just put me on Lugols (sp?). He wants me to take 3 drops a day. I keep thinking that maybe it isn’t a good approach based on the tests he has run.

    In addition to the Iodine, I also take supplements of Vit C, Curcumin, Vit D, Selenium, Fish oil, Probiotic, Resveratrol(sp?), and green tea extract.

    My balance and brain fog keep getting worse. In some ways, I feel better, but tired and have increasing lack of muscle strength and endurance. I am trying to eat gluten free, but sloppy about it. After listening to your talk on Hasimoto’s Institute, I think I must be entirely gluten free-no nonsense. Also, You mentioned that testosterone is higher in women with that insulin resistance, and I had the cystic ovaries & breasts, facial hair, and now, after menopause, have lost hair on arms, legs, eyebrows, and on my hairline(Lot 2-4 inches of hair on hairline.I have to wear a wig, but have a lot of hair on my head, otherwise, just not on a normal hairline).

    He diagnosed me with fibromyalgia (maybe due to the aches and pains). I am overweight, have inflammation. To look at me, you wouldn’t think anything is wrong, but I do not feel healthy at all. I’ll feel better, then worse. This relates to diet and exercise, which make a dramatic dramatic difference, but so much over and above what I can normally do in a normal day.

    My main concern is direction. My MD was originally a pediatrician and went into naturalpathic medicine, but he is elderly, thinking retirement, and I don’t think he is up to date. I am particularly concerned about how to talk to him about the Iodine. He says I do not NOT have hashimotos. I suspect he is not correct, and wondering, seriously, if I should be taking Lugols(sp?). He is the only naturalpathic MD in my area–believe it or not, I live in the Champaign Urbana, IL area (University of Illinois), and there are NO integrative medicine MD’s around here nor are there naturalpathic MDs. He is it. Sorry this is so long. I hope I can hear from you. Thank you, so much, D. Boyer

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